• DKKI Thermocouples are available in type “S” (Pt-10%Rh/Pt),“R” (Pt-13%Rh/Pt) and “B” (Pt-30%Rh/Pt-6%Rh) in accordance with IEC 584.
  • We offer a wide range of cardboard tube lengths ( from 200 mm to 1700 mm) and slag protection caps (steel, aluminium, copper or brass) are available to suit every application.
  • All units are available with optional Anti-Splash coatings for operator safety.
  • A Multi-Use thermocouple has been developed for multiple immersions in slag free conditions.
  • DKKI offers a complete range of instrumentation, accessories and hardware suitable for all applications.



Accuracy of wires

0 +3 °C at Pd melting point
(1554 °C)

Measuring time

2 - 7 sec.


Type S : 1670 °C
(max. 1750 °C)
Type R : 1700 °C
(max. 1750 °C)
Type B : 1750 °C
(max. 1820 °C)

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